Awareness Commitment Determination

We are an active part of our community. As successful members of the community, we have a responsibility to help those that are less fortunate and contribute to the common good. The Frank Roberson Physique Transformation Center™ believes in investing in the health of our youth. We focus our goals and mission to combat childhood obesity. We feel a social responsibility in educating the community on the complications, treatment and the prevention of this growing epidemic. Through awareness, commitment and our efforts, we will help to significantly reduce this prevalent issue among today’s youth.

Through scientific studies and research, it is proven that the old adage "it is better to give than receive" not only improves the world around you but also your health. Please contact us if your needs fall in line with our guidelines. We will review and contact you as soon as possible.


  • Request should be submitted a minimum of 30 days before funds are required. Please submit to
  • Please provide the following information: name of organization, tax identification, mission of
  • We will acknowledge receipt of your request and will request additional information if necessary.
  • We provide notice immediately upon final disposition but does not provide status reports during the review process.
    Please do not request interim updates.